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How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle (The Art of Body Re-Composition) - Part 2

by Serious Supplements

Goal Transfer timeframes

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are designed for Fat Loss.

Thursday AM is for Fat loss.

Thursday PM we see a swing in the pendulum to Muscle Gain.

Friday Saturday and Sunday are muscle gain / metabolic restoration days – this ties in nicely with the weekend, as you can really load up on the carbs / calories.

A LITTLE DISCLAIMER: ALL of the below supplementation, nutrition and training routines are designed FOR A REASON. You can not simply pick and choose which elements you like and expect the same results.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday start with a 12 – 16 hour fast. So if you go to bed a 10pm Sunday night, your first meal will at around 12pm Monday. Contrary to popular believe, fasting has been shown to do a whole heap of wonderful things for your health. I find the fast is manageable if taken with oxy elite pro. This product has been shown to be a very powerful appetite suppression tool.

Some dieticians will tell you something along the lines of: "eat six small meals per day to stoke the metabolic fire which will aid in Fat Loss". This is bunk. It takes a lot longer than 16 hours to slow your metabolic rate and I won’t bother to explain why; if you don’t believe me you can look up the study for yourself.

Read here on the benefits of fasting and some other common myths on dieting.

Avoid anything but water until your first meal (diet soda and sugar free gum are acceptable); this will minimise insulin which blunts fat loss.

The remainder of the day will be low carbohydrate (20 -50grams max). YOU WORK THIS OUT BY READING LABELS. Aim for lower calories – about 30 - 40% below your maintenance. If you don’t know what your maintenance is - work it out. Google is your friend.

For meals think chicken Caesar salad, Tuna wraps, Steak and steamed Veg; Basically lots and lots of lean meats with vegetables and fairly small amounts of fat.

Be sure to get in plenty of protein – I see no problem with anywhere as high as 2.5g per Kilogram on these days – as you will benefit from the so called thermogenic effect. Note: going this high on protein will not be easy whilst keep calories low – this is why a low calorie casein shake is so effective on these days (casein has shown to be the best protein on a diet).

Training sessions on Monday and Tuesday are glycogen depletion workouts. Glycogen depletion is required as the body tends to use fat as its primary energy source when Glycogen levels are diminished.

The most effective way to deplete glycogen for bodybuilders/athletes is through high reps – high volume full body workouts. This is going to be strange for those of uswho like to move big weights (me included), but remember; this is a goal transfer. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are principally concerned with fat loss; the only other consideration worth mentioning is muscle sparing - and we are doing this through non training methods.

The combination of both low carbs and the glycogen depletion workouts will put your body in an optimal environment for fat loss. LOW CARBS AND GLOYCOGEN DEPLETION WORKOUTS ARE THE CRITICAL FACTORS ONTHESE DAYS.

Friday Saturday and Sunday

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are your metabolic restoration / glucose repletion days. This allows you to eat carbs freely and gives you are good chance to eat all of those foods you normally wouldn’t on a diet. It is also the portion of the week where youshift from fat loss as the primary goal, to muscle acquisition.

Daily Plan Monday

Diet / Supplements

Upon waking: 1-2 caps Oxy Elite Pro.

12pm: First Meal (try to avoid carbs in the pre-workout environment) – 2g CLA.

3pm: 30 grams Casein with water.

Immediately Pre-workout – Scivation Xtend



Reps: 12 – 15

Sets per Muscle group: 6 (arms can get less if they are tired).

I recommend you stick primarily to compound movements i.e bench, pullups, rows and leg presses or squats.

Postworkout: Optimum Whey / Casein Protein Shake, 1 Serve Viridex XT.

Postworkout meal – (most of your 40g of carbs should be taken in here, this won’t replenish glycogen but will help maximise the training effect) – 1 – 2 g of L Carnitine could be a worthwhile addition here.

Pre-bed – Optimum Nutrition Casein, 2g CLA

Daily Plan Tuesday

If you are an inexperienced trainer, then fasted cardio will be of benefit on this day. If you are advanced trainer (3+ years of lifting) I would save it until after you have eaten.

EVERYTHING ELSE SAME AS MONDAY (Training, diet and supps).

Daily Plan Wednesday

Upon waking: Oxy Elite Pro, Viridex XT (if you are an inexperienced trainer, some cardio will be beneficial).

12pm: First Meal– 2g CLA, 1-2g L Carnitine.


3:00pm – 30g Casein shake with water.

Pre-bed – Optimum Casein, 2g CLA.

Time Watch

Daily Plan Thursday

Diet / Supplement

Upon waking: Oxy Elite Pro (Cardio is recommended on this day).

12pm: First Meal (you can introduce SOME carbs – 15 – 25 g) – 2gCLA, 1g L-Carnitine.

Immediately Pre-workout – Scivation Xtend, Green Magnitude, 20-30 grams carbs (2 pieces of fruit).


Full body workout

Sets for chest, shoulders, triceps – 2 (reps: 5 – 7).

Sets for Back, Biceps, Legs – 3 (reps 9 – 12).

Postworkout: Optimum Whey / Casein Protein Shake, Viridex XT, (100g carbs) L-Cartinine 2g

Post workout meal – Load up on carbs and protein – minimising fat if possible.

Pre Bed Meal – Load up on carbs and protein – minimising fat if possible.

Friday and Saturday

This is where all of the work you have put in earlier in the week pays off. The pendulum starts to swing the other way. YOU BEGIN TO GOAL TRANSFER!!

These are your gorge / carb load days – you don’t really have to worry about getting fat, following the low carb days and depletion workouts during the first 3 ½ days, your body’s first priority is glycogen replacement. Glycogen replenishments take priority over fat storage when you’re in a depleted state.

During these days it should be high carb --- I personally love pasta, home made pizza and deserts. It’s amazing to think that you can actually continue to lose fat eating these things. Because our goal is moderate muscle gain and significant fat loss, you should try to eat reasonably clean; but don’t be scared of satisfying your cravings.

L-Carnitine does some very cool things if you can manage to get your body to absorb it appropriately - for it to do so, you need insulin. Your body’s insulin output is regulated by carbohydrates. So be sure to take 2g on your high carb days (with meals).


Diet / Supplements

Upon waking: food -

Every other chance you get: Food, food and more food.

Green Magnitude, L-Carnitine – be sure to get 2g (taken with food).

Anything else you like to use.


Diet / Supplements

Repeat of Friday


Today is a power session, full body workout. (You can choose to specialise on push movements in week1, pull movements in week 2 – this will allow for increased work for a particular muscle group(s) if your tolerance is high).

Pre workout – Green Magnitude, 10g Scivation Xtend, Beta Alanine (if you wish).

Reps – 3 – 5 (all performed explosively).

Sets per muscle group 5 – 10 these should be done in a ramping fashion (you can wave load if you desire extra volume).


I personally like to lower my caloric intake to just below maintenance on Sunday. It helps prime you for the week to come and ensures that fat gain doesn’t ensue.

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