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PCT and Steroid Cycle Support Supplements - Part 1

The drugs discussed in this series of articles are, by and large, prescription drugs and should not be used without the supervision of a qualified physician. No attempt should be made to circumvent the laws in your area to obtain these drugs without a prescription. Serious Supplements does not condone in any way the illegal acquisition and/or use of prescription drugs for purposes other than those approved by the TGA or other legally recognized regulatory bodies.

To deny the existence and use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) in bodybuilding would mean that you’re stupid, naive or grossly misinformed. It’s with good reason as well. There is no doubt that you can get a lot bigger, stronger and leaner using steroids than you would normally be able to achieve 'naturally'.

Steroids have the following effects on muscle tissue:

So if you know anything about the physiology behind muscle growth, you’ll know that steroids tip the scale in the favour of growth in almost every way.

A natural trainer may be able to accumulate an additional 40 – 50 lbs of lean muscle mass over their lifting lifecycle. That same individual using steroids may be able to accumulate 70 – 80lbs. So almost double! That isn’t to say that you can take steroids and eat and train like crap. Steroids simply make hard work more rewarding.

So, in short, using steroids will make you stronger bigger and leaner. But what are the consequences?

Estrogen / Prolactin Gynocomastia

The biggest concern for most steroid users is gynecomastia (read: gyno or bitch tits). And it's for good reason... It goes against everything they're trying to achieve (a better looking physique). Powerful pecs accompanied by large puffy nipples aren’t a good look for anyone.

Generally speaking (in the context of steroid use), gyno is caused by elevated estrogen, prolactin, low DHT or a combination of all three.

In steroid using individuals, excess estrogen is usually a result excess of aromatase. If you run a steroid cycle with a lot of aromatizing compounds – which includes any of the testosterones (cypionate, enanthate, propionate, suspension ect), dianabol (D-BOL) or hCG, you are a chance of elevating estrogen and getting gyno.

Another cause for concern is elevated prolactin. Certain steroids have the potential to elevate the hormone prolactin. Elevated prolactin also has the ability to cause or worsen gyno.

It has also been argued that most cases of gyno can be linked back to low DHT levels. DHT is a hormone which is converted from testosterone by the 5a reductize enzyme. DHT is far more androgenic than testosterone, is an estrogen antagonist, but contributes to hair loss (if you are predisposed to male pattern baldness). Read more here.

Raising DHT is alittle known but very effective tool in combating gyno. As mentioned, DHT is an estrogen antagonist (read: it competes and blocks estrogen at the receptor) and has been demonstrated in scientific litterateur to reduce the size of existing pubescent gyno by up to 80% in some instances. (1,2)

Pharmacological remedies to gyno

Most steroid users who have access to prescription medications (usually obtained on the black market) will resort to the drugs arimidex or letrozole to prevent excess estrogen conversion (aromatase) when ‘on cycle’. For prolactin control they will turn to dopamine agonists such as Cabergoline and Bromocritine.

Legal and Natural Alternatives

So what if you want to run a steroid cycle but don’t have access to a SERM, AI, dopamine agonist or want to raise your DHT levels?

There are many legal supplements which can help us mitigate the risk of elevated estrogen and prolactin – and reduce our chances of getting gyno. Please note that there are numerous steroidal aromatase inhibitors which are illegal to import into Australia, the list below may or may not be obtainable.

AI / SERM Alternatives

Driven Sports: Triazole

Driven Sports Triazole

Brassaiopsis glumerulata is the ingredient which provides this product with oomph. The scientific data that we currently have available, suggests that this particular shrub (extracts found there in) is a potent aromatase inhibitor.

This supplement should be used on cycle to control estrogen when you are using aromatizing compounds.


4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione (6-OXO) – Now banned

4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione is what is known as a suicide inhibitor of aromatase. This means that it binds to the aromatase enzyme in a permanent and irreversible manner, renderingit inactive. The result of this is an eventual diminishment of aromatase enzyme in the body and a concomitant reduction in estrogen levels.

So how does one use 6-OXO™? If you are using it to combat estrogen during a cycle of aromatizable steroids then you can take it every day of your cycle, once a day (preferably with your evening meal) at a dosage of 200-600 mg.

Arimedex HD

Driven Sports Triazole

Arimedex HD contains the following ingredient which is of importance:

(3s, 4s)-4-[(3, 4- dimethoxyphenyl)methyl] -3-hydroxy-3-[[3-methoxy-4- [(2s,3r, 4s,5r,6r) -3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl) oxan-2-yl]oxy-phenyl]methyl] oxolan-2-one.

This is simply the seeds of the safflower – scientific name Carthamus tinctorius. Safflower seeds contain a lignan that blocks the effect of estrogen. The compound that does this is tracheloside. The substance itself does nothingto estradiol-sensitive cells, but reduces the effect of the hormone. The more tracheloside, the less effect the estradiol has.


Others Options:

Mangosteen extract
Grapeseed extract

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