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What to take Post Workout?

by Serious Supplements

A lot of Serious Supplements customers email me with questions about what they should be taking post workout.

Most people know that they should be taking some sort of protein but are not really sure on which type, or if they should be taking anything else.

I have been experimenting with a protocol on myself and a number of my clients of late. This is a protocol that I have developed over the years based on old and current research and results in my clients.

Ayden Bodybuilder

A lot of "experts" are big on intra workout supplements. Not me. As a general rule I am in favour of working out when in the gym, and growing once you get outside. This is for a number of reasons (including the benefits demonstrated by some fasted training studies and the effect of insulin on hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline etc). But I digress.

This post workout protocol has seen some of my clients add significant amounts of mass in relatively short timeframes. Ayden Baker managed to accrue 3kg of mass in 2 months (whilst actually leaning out). This might not sound like much, but when you are as big as Aidan, 3kg is HUGE. Ayden has been following "the protocol" religiously.


Post workout

Back in 2006 a study looked at the difference between giving trainers either whey protein in isolation, or combined with casein. Long story short, the group that consumed both the whey + casein had a better training effect better than those who took Whey Protein alone.

So we need BOTH whey and casein post workout for maximum anabolism. Noted.

Another study conducted recently looked at the difference between taking a whey protein shake bolus (skulled) vs sipped over a period of time (ten 2.5-g drinks every 20 min). Tthe authors did this to replicate a slow releasing protein. The group who skulled the protein shakes had significantly better anabolic signalling.

Slow release protein by itself is not ideal. And it's becoming clear that speed matters! Noted.

Researchers have looked at the speed of digestion of various different whey protein forms. It is generally accepted that protein Concentrates are slowest, Hydrolysates the fastest, with Isolates a close second in terms of speed.

Hydrolysates the fastest of the fast proteins, with isolates being a very acceptable compromise. Noted. 

Some recent studies [1,2,3,4] have examined the addition of free form leucine to protein formulations. These studies have found that including EXTRA leucine to a protein/amino acid drink increases muscle protein synthesis.

Add free form lucine for greater anabolic effect. Check.

Despite the anabolism associated with leucine, currently, there is no research showing that leucine by itself increases lean body mass in HUMANS. BCAAs on the other hand have a number of studies showing increased muscle mass in humans.

Leucine + Isoleucine + Valine (BCAAs) is "better" than Leucine alone. Noted.

Cows milk is a protein source which is approximately 80% casein. Some studies [5,6] have looked at chocolate milk post workout and have shown that it is very effective at producing gains. (Milk also contains calcium, a number of minerals/vitamins and quality carbs which can be beneficial post workout).

Milk is great to have post workout. Noted.

So here is the protocol

Pre workout:

Although this is a post workout out article, I know I will get asked:


Post Workout:

After finishing your workout, mix approximately 2 serves of Scivation Xtend, Purple Wraath or Modern BCAAs with water. Drink this in the car on the way home to quench your thirst.

On arriving home, mix 300-500ml of low fat milk with approx 40grams of the fastest protein that fits your budget. Optimum nutrition's HydroWhey or BNRG's Proto Whey are the recommended options.

The milk will provide you with a slow digesting form of protein and carbohydrates. The hydrolysis protein will flood your blood stream with BCAA enriched amino acids creating a truly potent anabolic signal.

Eat a whole meal 1-2 hours later.

This has made a huge difference in a number of my clients who are extremely advanced bodybuilders. This means that if you're a beginner, you can expect even better results.

True story.