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Weight Shedding Water 29/08/2012

A hydrated body is a healthy body. This is generally well understood. But what is less known is the enhanced ability of the hydrated body to burn fat and retain muscle.

In a study published in 2003[1] researches raised hydration levels in their test subjects and measured the effect on their metabolism.

The researches first dehydrated their subjects by giving them a salt solution. They then set about rehydrated them by giving them water and a hormone to decrease urination.

They then measured the effect on the release of fats from fat cells, so that the body can burn them. They also measured the body’s oxidation of the amino acid Lucine.

What they found was very promising for all of those dieters out there.

 Ergo Log (a resource dedicated to publishing scientific studies in the arena of body composition) concluded the following from the study:

 “Conclusion: fat cells that are saturated with water release fats more easily; muscle cells that are full of water save proteins. Water is a perfect anabolic.”

 The good news doesn’t end there.

Nutritionists at Virginia Tech University [2] confirmed the findings of the 2003 study.

The researchers put 48 subjects aged 55-75 on a low-calorie diet for 12 weeks. Half of the test subjects drank 500 ml water before each meal. After 12 weeks the subjects who had drunk extra water had lost about 2 kg more weight. That's the equivalent of a 44 percent increase in weight loss.

So how do we optimise our hydration levels to burn fat and spare muscle?

Don’t get us wrong regular tap water will do just fine, although….

A study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports [3] found that giving “alkaline” water to cyclists who performed a dehydrating exercise bout resulted in a substantial improvement in hydration levels and accelerated recovery.

Another study [4] gave drinking alkaline water to participants for a week which  increased blood pH from an average of 6.23 to 7.07 and urine pH from an average of 7.52 to 7.69. They also stayed more hydrated by elevating their pH.

So how do you make you water more alkaline?

You can purchase specialty bottled water which has been purposely modified to increase the alkaline and pH content.

This strategy will cost you a fortune though. The most economical way is to purchase a Cleansui Alkaline Water Purification Jug which Serious Supplements stock specially for this purpose.

For all the fancy fat burners on the market (some of which we sell), water just might be one of the most critical things often over looked in the quest for a leaner body.

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