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USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder

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OxyElite Pro Powder

The secret weapon that actors, fitness models and bodybuilders don't want you knowing about...

Every day, since the new USP Labs OxyElite Powder arrived at Serious Supplements (SS) HQ it has been helping transform the physiques of more people than any other fat burner we sell. USP Lab's research and development department has delivered a product that makes radical fat loss a whole lot easier.

Prior to OxyElite's arrival, SS had heard good things through the industry grape vine about a new USP Labs Fat Burner... that underground beta testers in the U.S were seeing fat loss off the charts with an experimental formula. It wasn't known at the time if the formula would ever make it to Australia though. The ingredients are rare and notoriously difficult to extract. This is a product producing significant shifts in body composition so it was feared  that it might draw the attention of the "authorities".

We have gotten lucky it seems.

Editor's Note: We are not sure how long OxyElite Powder will remain on the market for (risks identified above). Don't delay in securing your order of this product today.

We first trialled OxyElite Powder within the Serious Supplements team (like we do all of our supplements). To say the results were impressive is an understatement.

Now, the SS office isn't your typical overweight, sedentary Australian cohort, we're talking experienced trainers with body-fat percentages already lower than 12.5 %. For anyone just starting their fat loss efforts, we expect that the results will be even better than we experienced.

Editor's Note: Our subsequent experiments with clients have confirmed enhanced fat loss with new trainers to the "SS OxyElite Pro Protocol". "You'll lose fat systematically and consistently following it".

"I started taking OxyElite Powder at around 91kg. 18 days later I had dumped fat and excess water and dropped down to 88.6kg. Usually this sort of weight is accompanied by a drop in the metabolic hormones, but my blood work suggests my Free T3 levels have actually increased despite the dramatic loss of weight." - Sami Chamoun - SS Editor in Chief.

See how the training component of the SS OxyElite Pro Protocol transformed the offseason of NRL star Issac Luke and his partner Mickayela here.

SS OxyElite Pro Protocol Learn the fat loss secrets from a world renowned trainer.

Unlike a lot of retailers on the web we are not going to say that you can take OxyElite Powder and sit on the couch and "watch the fat fall off". Anyone who tells you this is lying. This is why we set about formulating the SS OxyElite Pro Training Protocol - so our customers could experience the same extreme fat loss effects that we did when using OxyElite Powder.

So rather than take your money, ship you OxyElite Powder and send you on your way, we enlisted the help of our resident Nutrition and Training Expert, Leigh Roberts, to help us formulate a nutrition and training plan specifically formulated to act in synergy with the effects of OxyElite Powder.

We knew that because OxyElite Pro Powder acts as a potent beta agonist, stimulant and boosts thyroid hormones, a specific tailor made exercise and dietary approach was required.

We needed an expert.

OxyElite Pro Protocol

SS OxyElite Pro Protocol = Fat Melting Synergy.

In addition to his responsibilities with Serious Supplements, Leigh maintains a small but exclusive list of clients (mostly his personal friends), some athletes, and has worked with a number of sporting and health organisations.

When we approached Leigh about creating a program to get our clients into the best shape of their lives, stripping them of virtually all body fat while maintaining muscle to ensure a well-rounded appearance, there were literally hundreds of options explored.

According to Leigh, the fact that we also challenged him with a quick deadline to achieve dramatic fat loss in a short period of time meant that there was only one real option: Star Complexes and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Before you go any further, forget what you think you know about complexes. Real complexes originated in the Soviet Union, and if employed correctly, create a powerful metabolic effect that's incredible for fat loss.

Complexes, performed in this fashion, work. For any body type. For any goal. They're that powerful. They're one of Leigh's best "secrets."

OxyElite Pro Protocol is the fat loss secret weapon behind many great physique transformations

OxyElite Pro Powder Tranformation 1 OxyElite Pro Powder Tranformation 3


Serious Supplements is Australia's Most Trusted Supplement Retailer Expert. As seen in:

Iron Man Magazine
Yahoo News
Muscle and Fitness Magazine
Natural Product Insider
CBS Market Watch
Womens Health and Fitness Magazine


OxyElite Powder Ingredients How it achieves such high levels of fat loss

So say you don't take our word for it (or you are simply a supplement geeks like us), you want to understand what's in OxyElite Powder that makes it all of the things you have just read about.

OxyElite Pro Nutrition

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-Carnitine and the related compound L-Carnitine L-Tartrate are mitochondrial health and bioenergetic compounds,able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on the mitochondria and increase the potential of the mitochondria to burn fat.

Despite its popularity, regular carnitine has extremely poor oral bioavailability with only 10-20% ever reaching the bloodstream and even less making its way to the mitochondria. The exclusive OTCN2 Carnitine Transport System, combined with a precise amount of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, aims at increasing bioavailability through enhanced expression of carnitine's main transport molecule called OTCN2.

N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide AKA Aegeline

This compound is so innovative that a patent has been filed with the United States Patent Office.

It's not every day an ingredient can do what this can do and be used in a variety of situations...

...As described in the Official Patent and by the emerging animal research, the compound's effects are dose/concentration dependent in terms of which molecular target it engages...

At a specified lower amount (as found in OxyElite Powder), the compound possesses a thermogenic effect.

Trace Amine Associated Receptor (TAAR)

The compound may interact with a relatively new and novel receptor type, called the Trace Amine Associated Receptor or TAAR, for short. There are animal model data showing that agonists at this receptor may promote vigilance/wakefulness and improve cognition, all without having the classic, "CNS stimulant" effect...(5).

In fact some of the most potent CNS stimulants on the planet actually have activity at this receptor, however, they also have their limitations. Yet, this compound may have activity at this receptor, while lacking those specific limitations...

If this weren't enough, compounds with activity at the TAAR, have also shown a possible trend for reduced fat mass in animal models.


This compound interacts with the beta 3-adrenoceptors which may allow decrease in fat mass, based upon results seen with compounds with known activity at the receptor (1).

As evidence of this, preliminary data in rats has shown that animals administering the compound orally over a 28 day period, retained lean mass while decreasing fat mass compared to vehicle control, without a change in activity (2). Anecdotal reports in humans may support this potential mechanism...

Noroclorine HCL AKA Higenamine

The compound is found in a variety of plants, including Nandina domestica, Aconitum carmichaeli, Asarum heterotropoides, and Nelumbo nucifera.

Noroclorine is designed to selectively burn FAT while preserving muscle mass. Crazy right? So many products based on energy and weight lossbut not FAT loss.

Higenamine is known to be a beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist (28). In fact, Higenamine is a highly researched compound for its potent beta-agonistic action and beta-agonists have shined for decades for their ability to consistently shed fat.


Caffeine finds its way into OxyElite Pro Powder for its specific synergy with the beta-agonists through its ability to inhibit phosphodiesterase activity and interact with the adenosine receptor. With this synergy beta-agonists like higenamine become more potent while tolerance is developed much slower. These three systems are the trifecta of the clean thermogenic energy OxyElite Pro delivers in every serving.


Choline supplementation has shown to accelerate lipid oxidation through increasing the uptake of fatty acidsand increasing plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate in elite male triathletes. One more pathway to fat loss in OxyElite Powder.


Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) is a fattyacid derivative that is involved in regulating hunger. OEA in supplemental form can inhibit hunger, and OEA is one of the reasons that dietary fatty acids can be seen as "satisfying".

Oleoylethanolamide also has fatburning effects in the liver and is potentially a Nootropic by increasing dopamine and oxytocin levels in the brain and offering neuroprotection (protecting brain cells).

Boerhaavia diffusa extract

An animal study on B. diffusa showed that during a high stress swimming test, the group taking b. diffusa did not have a strong cortisol spike, whereas the control group taking no b. diffusa cortisol levels DOUBLED! Also worth noting, the group taking b. diffusa swam 25% longer.

B. diffusa has also shown to have notable diuretic activity in animal models, and ensures you are on the road to a lean, dry, hard physique. Last, and certainly not least, B. diffusa has shown to have alpha-2-adrenergic inhibiting properties. This is the evil fat storing enzyme in your stomach and chest fat. Turn it OFF.

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